I’m McGregor and I’ve been a professional clay pusher for the entertainment industry since 2016. 

My sculpting has led me in many different directions from my fine art bronze pieces, resin miniatures to stylised character designs for animation. But these days I am focusing mainly on the character design.

I love the medium of clay to bring characters to life because it is such a fast interactive medium, I am able to start and see results straight away and react to the mood of the piece as it grows.

Creating character designs with sculpture is an invaluable tool for the design team and director as it gives the unique experience of seeing the character in real space. They are able to observe it from all angles, touch, and alter the piece. You can create with an ease which flows into the character. Being able to change the piece on the fly really helps in the design process because it allows for a very fluent exchange between idea and conception.

It is a dance with the clay in which anything could come out, it is all about capturing those right motions as they come.

Sculpting really has become my life and it is the way I best express my ideas and feelings. I like to think that I am able to tell stories through my work. Giving every character I create a soul and a story which was there before they were in the clay.